With over 60 years experience and a geographical footprint in 20 countries on four continents.

As a member of the A K Al Muhaidib & Sons Group, Thabat contracting has access to 13 sister companies, covering a broad portfolio of specializations.

These include the manufacture and supply of industrial paint, wood products, metal, cables, technical supplies, building materials and hardware, transport and logistics, real estate development, IT, general trade, engineering and design and maritime industrial services. This deep pool of resources offers inherent flexibility and experience in building everything from residential villas through to complex power and water projects.

Thabat Contracting is well known for using a common sense approach to bringing innovative solutions to tricky construction challenges. In actual fact, no challenge is too great and by utilizing the experience of selected Group members on projects we know the right questions to ask to ensure the best results.

Such a strong Group structure also means that Thabat Contracting is able to attract and retain some of the most skilled and experienced professionals in the industry. Our people are our greatest asset; they know what it takes to be a premier contractor and are passionate about their work, building quality projects on time and on-budget.

Strong relationships are also built into this process, with our teams working closely with owners and designers to realize their vision. And we work safely to reach that goal.

Perfection, is of course impossible, but each person within the A K Al Muhaidib & Sons Group thinks that it is worth pursuing. We aim to achieve it on a daily basis. A steadfast dedication to pursuing contracting excellence is what makes us different.