Quality, safety and service is always top of mind and is woven into our corporate culture.

At Thabat, we maintain an unswerving focus on delivering the highest standards of quality, safety and customer service. In addition to international certifications, including ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001, we implement our own Quality Control Programme on every project.

We begin by understanding our client’s expectations and objectives, and ensuring these are mirrored in the final specifications. Our onsite Quality Control Professionals then monitor the quality delivered on the job site by our employees, suppliers and subcontractors, and feedback this information directly to our clients in regular quality control meetings. From planning to handover, close attention to detail guarantees the delivery of the extraordinary.

At Thabat, we provide a safe and accident-free working environment for our employees, contractors, clients, suppliers and the local community and our impressive safety record is reflective of the high standards we set. We troubleshoot potential hazards and implement practical and proactive strategies that have cemented our position as a regional industry benchmark for health and safety.